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The book includes the remarkable information of use of nano-crystalline Mg-Cd and Nd3+substituted Mg-Cd ferrites as substrates for microstrip patch antenna. The details of ferrites synthesis by oxalate co-precipitation method under microwave sintering were well explained. Overall detailed explanation of results obtained from synthesis, characterization using XRD, FE-SEM, EDAX and FT-IR technique and magnetic properties of ferrite materials was described. The explanation of effect of microwave sintering of structural properties of ferrite was given precisely. The details measurements of permittivity, dielectric loss tangent, permeability, magnetic loss tangent, reflection loss of ferrites were also included. The design of microstrip patch antennas on synthesized ferrite using these electromagnetic parameters with help of Ansoft Designer SV2 software was described. The procedure of fabrication of substrates of ferrite, printing of silver patches on ferrite substrates and connection of SMA connectors at proper locations was given in this book. Finally this book explains information about analysis by simulation and measurements of antenna parameters on vector network analyzer.

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