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The book is aimed primarily at employees in the finance, controlling, planning and IT departments. Likewise to Business experienced IT and Business Consultant.As with most software implementations, implementing or moving to Business Process and Consolidation (BPC), an SAP application for financial planning and consolidation, requires more than just technical know-how. Although the big beneficiaries of the BPC implementation are financial planners, controllers and analysts, the success (or failure) of many other actors is influenced by the implementation of SAP BPC. It should be clear to all involved that BPC can not equate a SEM-BCS system with its professional versatility. This primarily relates to the IFRS-compliant consolidation application in the daily FAST CLOSING PROCESS in legal and management consolidation. In addition, support for the SAP application SEM-BCS is more effective than the limited support / support resources at SAP BPC.In large corporations, a combined application of SEM-BCS with BPC is performed, which is an optimal complement between actual consolidation and planning / budgeting.To what extent in the future in a cloud landscape an effective integration of the components S / 4HANA, BPC, IP and SEM-BCS respectively BOFC successfully designed the FAST CLOSING PROCESS will depend to a great extent on the know-how of the business consultant, IT colleagues, users and SAP support.This book is your comprehensive guide to setting up standard and embedded SAP BPC. Preview Real-Time Consolidation and see how to migrate to SAP BPC 10.1 to stay on the cutting edge of SAP BPC.Application examples show the handling and setting of the following functions-Implement standard and embedded SAP BPC-Set up consolidation: ownership, intercompany eliminations, journal entries.....-Standard and embedded SAP BPC-Reporting-Data loading-Forecasting, planning-Consolidation-SAP HANA-Data Manager-Migration-Real-Time Consolidation

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