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The Consolidation Consolidation concept describes the BW model based on the procedure model for the implementation of the SAP SEM BCS software for a globally operating industrial group.The focus of the analysis is the technical implementation of the requirements for mapping the IFRS consolidated financial statements using SAP standard software. SEM-BCS 6.00.This IT design contains the technical specifications of the technical requirements. The application design was divided into the main topics data model, master data, measures, methods, reporting and interfaces. In addition to this main document, there are some technical details in the appendix, as well as the corresponding references.This paper is to be used as a handbook for the SEM-BCS Introduction. The aim of this manual is to introduce the SEM-BCS with its individual steps, starting with the BCS activation from the business content, building up, defining the data model in BW, as well as selecting, defining and customizing the consolidation measures and Display methods by example settings.Likewise, the "initial technical consolidation, balance sheet consolidation, download with data stream and also the technique" purchase price distribution "(PPA) are discussed in detail.

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