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Electric Discharge Machining
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With the development of technology and industries, newer materials such as Tungsten, Molybdenum etc. and various other Super Alloys and Ceramics have been developed which are being widely used in nuclear engineering, aerospace and various other industries because of their hardness, heat resistance qualities and high strength to weight ratio. Machining of these hard materials is very difficult by conventional machining processes. Therefore non-conventional machining processes have been developed for the machining of such type of materials. The Objective of this work is mainly to study the effect of various input parameters like Electrode material, Discharge Current, Gap Voltage, Pulse-On Time, Pulse-Off Time on the various output parameters like MRR, TWR and Surface roughness. In this study, these output parameters are studied by using the Taguchi's Design of Experiments through Minitab software. Using this software, Means and S/N ratios for all the output parameters were calculated. Micro structure was also observed using SEM machine.

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