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Magnetic Nanowires
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Magnetic nanostructures have attracted increasing attention because of their potential applications in high-density data storage and in sensor technology. An understanding of the fundamental physical properties of these nanostructures is of interest in the study of atomic structures and micromagnetism. This book presents a study on the growth of nickel nanowires in commercially available templates. Electrodeposition was used through the pores of a template to produce nanowire matrices. Dependence of the nanowire growth rate, quality of deposit, growth uniformity, crystal orientations and other physical properties of the nanowire network were studied using various process parameters. Structural properties of the nanowire were characterised using AFM, SEM, EDX and TEM. Magnetic properties of the nanowires were studied using a VSM and MFM. Using OOMMF software magnetic behaviour of the nanowires was simulated and compared with the experimental coercivity values and magnetisation behaviour. The target audience of this book is the postgraduate students and the researchers who would like to study the fabrication and characterisation of magnetic nanowires.

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